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Oct 5 – 30 / 2020


Get comfortable with modes and odd meters, perfect your pitch and sharpen your ear: this is what the South Indian music tradition will give you. You are a professional jazz vocalist but you get stuck in long modal intros and don’t feel totally natural in 5/4; you want to learn new material and expand your vocabulary; you want to be unique, original, gain an authority in the scene: this training is for you. Get out of the box and breathe in: all the inspiration in there, waiting for you. For a month, immerse yourself into one of the most ancien music tradition of the world, and you will ask for more. As I did 20 years ago !

See, music schools are great, but there’s only so much they can do for us. At some point, we have to put ourselves out there, into the real world, and learn the real stuff, on the field. This is what I did in India and around the world for many years, and I learned such incredible tools on the way that now, I feel more comfortable than ever, improvising in any kind of context: jazz, world, cross-disciplinary collaborations, you name it.

I created a course that gathers the best tools I ever learned in the process of traveling and learning for over 20 years. That process became a Way of Life, and I am here to share it with you today.

You don’t have time? Perfect, this course is for you. It’s intense and requires practice, but it also includes a method for finding the time, even when you don’t have time. The magic is to practice in a life where you don’t have time! It’s possible, I’ve done it.

The program provides collective and individual coaching would you need it, and a complete set of videos with tools for improvising, performing and practicing in a incredibly productive way.

1 month program. October 5 – 30 /2020.

Choose your plan:


You want to get all the tools and be part of the community.

  • 35 videos
  • 8 webinars
  • lifetime access to the videos
  • student community


You want to learn all the tools and apply them specifically to your own project.

  • 35 videos
  • 8 webinars
  • lifetime access to the videos
  • student community
  • 3 individual coaching sessions (30min)

This program is intended for jazz vocalists and improvisers who want to push their boundaries further and get out of their comfort zone in order to get to the next level.

This program in not eligible for beginners. Some minimum jazz theory and improvisation practice is required.

Capacity: 15 participants.

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